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Abundance Labs is a focused startup incubator working with talented visionaries to create peer-to-peer solutions for the modern world. Based in San Francisco, CA we work with teams across the US, Russia and South America to develop vision and build products that influence the future of digital commerce and collaboration.

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About Abundance Labs, Inc

By focusing on our guiding principles of fairness, transparency, and independence our companies will improve the way the world works, intelligently. 


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Simbi – The Symbiotic Economy

Simbi is an online marketplace for freelancers and hobbyists to cashlessly exchange services. By providing a way for these independent workers to turn their unbooked hours into real economic value, Simbi simultaneously increases the size of the economy while supporting small-scale entrepreneurs to do the flexible work they love.

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Public Market – eCommerce, freed

Public Market proposes a fundamentally superior marketplace architecture for peer-to-peer eCommerce. Based on the blockchain and open data, it is designed to eliminate monopolization of the online marketplace and improve the economics for both buyers and sellers.

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Our Practice

We think globally to solve big problems using big ideas and the latest technology. Our talented team tackles challenges creatively with an outside-the-box approach to traditional industries. 

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+100,000 services across 90 countries

 Every day we empower thousands of people to live rich, abundant lives by closing the gaps between them and their communities through our talent-exchanging platform, Simbi

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Using Blockchain to Disrupt eCommerce

Using foundational blockchain technology and tokenized currency systems we are able to decentralize and secure transactions and provide the most competitive market pricing available. 


"I’ve spent the better part of a decade dedicated to changing broken systems in the world. I’ve watched as large corporations and a small percentage of individuals become richer and richer while most small businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to feed their families on minimum wage. Now is the time to re-imagine our collective futures."